Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week 22 Water Play

With the hot weather upon us, water seems to be another fun way to "pop" some language. Even if you live miles from a beach or lake, there is always water in your home. So, let's think about some fun ways to use water to stimulate some communication.

1. Take a bucket of water outside and have a paintbrush, a big one that you might use to paint your walls. Let your child "paint" the outside walls of your home; or "paint" the car, or a fence or the garage or their bikes, or the slide outside, or their brother or sister :) Yes, painting with water is fun, clean and there is no mess. What words might you hear "wawa (water); "paint" or any word approximation of the word; "up", "down", "all gone"; "where go" when the water evaporates; and then any of the words that label what you are painting.

2. Using a kiddie pool, or any container that holds water enough that the child can get in and out. You can put in cups and toys and then just explore with water. You can sit on the toys to hide them "where go?". You can put water on different body parts and talk about them. There is research that pouring water from cup to cup helps a child learn about math in the future!!!! Plus think about how fun this activity is, plus the child is active "in" and "out" of the pool; and this always helps communication grow.

3. Now if you live with a full size pool you have more noodle; blow (when you blow up the float); swimmies; jump; more; go; swim; etc. etc.

4. And if you live near a lake or ocean you have different vocabulary like: fish; waves; boat; shell; stone; throw; sand; dolphin; manatee; bird; seagull; etc. etc.

5. And lets not forget the sprinklers, slip and slides, squirt guns, water balloons, and more.

6. And since the topic is water, let's think about bath time and shower time. You can wash different body parts and talk about them; words like tub; bubble; soap; washcloth; boat; duck; hot; cold; towel, etc.

When you are out enjoying water this summer, think about all the words that your child will be exposed to. And always try to tie communication to having fun.

Have a great week!

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