Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 2011

So here we are, almost done with March. Be sure to take advantage of all the mint, special treats that are offered during March (Shamrock Shakes; Mint Blizzard, etc.) These are perfect for oral motor stimulation and are yummy too.

The weather is heading towards spring in some places and in the south we are having perfect weather. So, it's time to get outside and explore. Look for flowers peaking out of the snow ("pretty"....it might sound like "pity"). You talk about flowers; you can sniff the flowers, you can pick the flowers and put them in a vase in your home. You can find flowers in books and pictures in your house. You can point out pictures that are Dora or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You can find flowers on your clothes........see, just take thinking about one object/thing can expand your child's language. You could get some soil and a pot and plant some seeds and watch them grow.

Go on a listening walk and listen for the birds, listen to the ice melting off the roof, listen for the dogs barking, etc. Explore the puddles, put on old clothes and some rubber boots and splash, touch, float things in the puddles. Bring out a cup or other things to dip in the puddles.

Since the focus is St. Patricks Day and green....think about finding and talking about "green" which will sound like "geen". Paint with green, color cool whip green, eat green food, find green clothes and have a green day. It isn't that important that they understand "green" but just the joy of interacting with green things and you commenting on green will help the child understand "green".

Books: Find books about spring and talk about the pictures; flowers; grass; clouds; blue sky; running; jumping; skipping, etc. Then go out and do those things with your child....enjoy the changing season, the unpredictable weather, and each other.