Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 13 Sensory Integration

Please take a minute to answer these questions:

1. Do you ever cut tags out of clothing because they are itchy and bother you?

2. Do you like to sleep with lots of blankets or do you prefer just a sheet?

3. Do you enjoy theme park rides?

4. Do you like parties that are full of people, loud and there is alot going on or do you prefer a smaller, quiet gathering?

5. How do you feel about small places, like elevators or very crowded rooms?

6. Do you love music played loudly, parades where the fire department blows their sirens?

7. Do you like restaurants that strong food smells when you walk in?

8. How do you do with the smell of changing a diaper. Are you OK or do you gag?

9. Do you like when people wear cologne or perfume?

I'm sure that you all remember our 5 senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight?

Sensory integration is how our body (nervous system) processes the senses that we experience. So by asking you those nine questions you can determine what sensory input is pleasurable or tolerated by your system and which sensory input is upsetting or not pleasant.

We all have sensory integration issues. We all tolerate some things that enter our nervous system and we all do not tolerate things that come into our nervous system. I am a person that cuts tags out of my clothing and will not wear wool against my skin...both make me feel itchy. But in the end I can function very well on a daily basis. Sometimes our body is so busy reacting to our sensory sensations that it is difficult to function well on a daily basis and that is when it is important to know some tricks to decrease the intensity of those "icky" feelings.

How would this look like in your child? Let me ask you some more questions?

1. Does your child like to be swaddled?

2. Is it hard for your child to settle down and sleep at night?

3. Does your child have trouble when their routine is not followed?

4. Is it difficult for you child to transition from you activity to another?

5. Is your child so active that it is exhausting and it's difficult for your child to calm?

6. Is your baby "fussy"

7. Does your child hug kids so hard that they fall over?

8. Does your child get the "naughty" label from others for being too rough or too loud or too busy?

9. Is it difficult for you child to stay with an activity?

10. Is your child upset by the vacuum or hair dryer?

11. Does your child run away from you outside?

12. Is you child unsafe at the playground or outside?

13. Does your child bite alot?

14. Does your child startle to unexpected noises?

15. Does your child like to sleep in total darkness or with a night light?

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